“Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC, a company with over a decade of experience, continues to operate successfully and develop dynamically so far. Currently, “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC heads the top of the best construction companies, due to the regular introduction of innovative technologies, high level of professionalism and systematical successful commissioning of various objects that meet high quality standards.

General Information

Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC has been working effectively since 2001. During this period we have commissioned many houses, hospitals, schools, and other social sites. The secret of our success is that for “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC construction is not just a business, but also a space for creation ambitious, creative projects oriented towards development and prosperity

Since its foundation “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC has been developing and applying practically the experience of world construction companies, while continuing to seek and implement innovative and effective methods and technologies.

Guided by the quality at an affordable price principle “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC has provided Kazakhstan citizens with more than 250000 square meters of high-quality housing, created according to the world standards of quality, comfort and beauty.

Moreover, “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC actively promotes local production of construction materials, preferring to control quality at all stages of preparation and construction.