The history of “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC originates in 2001.

They have chosen as the main direction the uncompromising development, with a view to expansion and increase of turnover, with the continuous performance of civil and erection works. In 2003, they started construction of their own production base, which continues to be upgraded until these days.

Thus in 2004 there started to operate the shop of plastic products, in 2005 – concrete mixing site and brick workshop, in 2012 – a production line of construction materials, and in 2013 the total production incorporated sidewalk tile manufacture.

Since its foundation “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC has established itself as a professional, innovative organization capable to realize the most challenging and ambitious construction projects at the highest level of performance.

Proof of this is that “Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC:

  • for a long time cooperates with the well-known manufacturers of building materials like PERI and NOE;;
  • has its own production facilities, which meet the highest international standards;
  • has its own fleet of special construction equipment, consisting of more than 100 units;
  • has joined to RK public programmes such as: “Road map”, “100 schools”, “100 hospitals”, etc.

“Astana-Kurylys” NCC JSC has got a number of awards for achievement of high efficiency in construction and production of construction materials. Among them there are diplomas from international competitions of construction and design organizations and the diploma of Intergovernmental Council on cooperation in the construction of the Commonwealth of Independent States.